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Paddlewheel aerator  

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Paddlewheel aerator

YC-1.5 4impeller with 4 float

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    Four Impeller Paddle wheel Aerator 2HP single phase 220v 50Hz Brand Name : Wafa Model : YC-1.5 1. Motor: Heavy Duty 2HP 1.5kw power 100% enough power. Single Phase (50hz, 220v) Self Cooling RPM: 1500 above 9spline 36slots . 100% copper motor windings; S/S 304 Fan Cover, High temperature resistance to 180℃ Bearing; 9cm Steel Disc inside, Protector inside. Temperature/ Votage /Phase/Overload protect function. Net weight: 25KG standard, Allow to have ±0.5KG up and down floating weight(2-26kg). 2. Reducer: 14:1, Chromium-manageanese-tianium bevel helical gear; Cast Iron Body; Stainless Steel 304 Transmission Shaft; Mechanical Oil Seal. Net weight: 20KG standard.Allow to have ±1KG up and down floating weight(19-21kg). 3. Float: 100% New HDPE (With UV Resistance) ; 175*33*2.5cm standard; 4 Float for Each aerator. Net weight: 7.0KG standard.Allow to have ±0.3KG up and down floating weight(6.7-7.3KG). 4. Impeller: 8- blade High Quality Nylon Impeller, Single piece molded, Diameter: 66cm Standard. Dischargeable Blades can be replaced by individual, 4 impeller for each aerator. Net weight: 2.7KG standard. Allow to have ±0.2KG up and down floating weight(2.5-2.9KG). 5. Shaft: Solid Shaft, Stainless Steel 304; Length: 1125mm. or above 6. Frame: Stainless Steel 304; Fold frame with ear; 1900*736*2.5mm. 7. Motor Cover:100% New HDPE Plastic Material; Net weight: 2.0 Standard, Allow to have ±0.2KG up and down floating weight(1.8-2.2KG). 8. Moveable Joint: Stainless Steel 304 with rubber, screws. 9. Bearing: Nylon base, Needle Bearing. 10. Screws and nut bag: German type 10M S/S 304.

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