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Water cooling type surge machine  

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Water cooling type surge machine

Water cooling type surge machine

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    The main features:

          Waves aerator, its design is simple, lightweight, the biggest advantage power. Aeration principle and different impeller and water tankers. The unique flower-shaped spiral Impeller, with a unique floats designed to make the output of the water upward eruption, causing a certain area of the water body is like boiling water and swell, thereby improving water eruption In contact with the air, thereby enhancing the dissolved oxygen in the water. Secondly, while the water erupting up directly across the motor and gear unit, the motor and reducer in water Cooling, electrical work long hours without fever, excluding long-tarm operation of the motor due to increased heat current. burn a common problem. And can 300V-350V ullra-low power Pressure normally.

          Wave function: making waves powerful capability, greatly improving the contact area between water and air, and through aeration, air contact and algae photosynthesis, ultraviolet radiation According to other channels, so that the whole body of water to increase oxygen-carrying capacity,improve water quality, reduce sewage discharge.

        Water lifting capacity:a powerful water pumping capacity (to change to the surface and bottom waters along the surface of the water output),reduce ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide,E. coli and other harmful substances and gases content, improve pond sediment, to curb water pollution.


    With the continuous development of aquaculture, intensive high-yield farming technology has been widely applied, fish production increased substantially. Increase in aquaculture production process, aerator has become essential to achieve high yield fisheries intensive machinery and equipment, fisheries play an important role in economic development. Rational use of aerators can effectively increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, pond water substance accelerated circulation, weakening or elimination of hazardous substances, promote plankton. For the prevention and mitigation of fish floating head, to prevent the pan pools and ponds to improve water quality conditions, increasing the amount of fish feeding and increase production and so has a good role in promoting.

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