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Wave pumping aerator  

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Wave pumping aerator

Wave pumping aerator

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    Products overview:

     This product is the company after years of development and the development of a new technology of new aerator. To overcome the shortcoming of traditional aerator, this product and made the wave pumping, by the vast number of users to use test, deeply the user high praise. In the present era of advocating energy-saving, environmental protection,low carbon, the aerator is the broad masses of farmers, improve the economic benefits, reducing production cost, good helper to create wealth.

    Products advantages:

    1. less power consumption; Sustainable power 0.75kW/1.1kW boot more than six months and low repair rate.

    2. large flow,spray, low oxygen, create trouble out of nothing, sea wave sweeping dozens of mu, wave energy will be dissolved oxygen diffusion around the fish ponds, effectively solve the traditional aerator oxygenate too highly concentrated and cause the disadvantages of fish and shrimp together result from a lack of oxygen to other places.

    3. Product parts are all made of 304 stainless steel material, strong and durable.

    4. Fish pond, aerobic, strengthen the algae's photosynthesis, to improve the effect of water quality, can control the hypoxia dead fish fish, less medication, fish and shrimp eat fast, growing seasons, the survival rate is high. Create conditions for high

    density cultivation, to achieve high yield and stable, improve the economic benefit.

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